Who we are

Scheeling, Inc. [/shee-ling/] is an FDA-licensed Drug and Food Wholesaler, Drug Trader, and Drug Store promoting and distributing prescription and non-prescription medicines manufactured locally and internationally.

Humble Beginnings—

It was founded by a group of individuals with more than 30 years of experience in the Philippine pharmaceutical industry. Equipped with in-depth knowledge on healthcare products, the industry, and its customers, Scheeling commits to providing effective and high quality medicines to Filipinos.

Championing women’s health—

Throughout every stage of womanhood, Scheeling is there, consistently providing products that support, nurture, and strengthen the health and well-being of all women.

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Honest and authentic service—

“Honesty over impressiveness. Always.”  is a tagline we take to heart. At the heart of Scheeling is our commitment to honest and authentic service to all our customers.

  • Values people

  • Champions customer relationships

  • Embodies quality